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8.91 USD

bloom your softness


product data /

The name of the producing company: YENI INCI

Product Type: Pants

Fabric type: 80% polyamide

Sizes: SML-XL

Colors: black

Washing Instructions: Use cold water - Do not use the dryer - Hand wash

Country of Origin: Turkey

product details /

Number of product pieces: 1 piece

Description of the size of the pieces _ length and width: length and width vary according to the size of the piece

Color Description: Classic colors

Material Description: Soft and flexible 80% polyamide fabric

The change that the product makes on the chest: Designed with knitting that ensures an attractive and feminine look

The additions that distinguish it from other products: Interlaces of attractive colors consisting of two colors, black and rose

Adorned with a finch design

8.91 USD
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