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Perfect for a night out

Va Bien 516N

82.62 USD

For an elegant and distinctive look


product data /

The name of the producing company: VABIEN

Product type: corset with bra

Usage type: medium

Sizes: E40- E38 -E36 -D42 -D40- D38- D36- D34 -C42 -C40- C38 -C36 -C34 -B42 -B40 -B38- B36- B34

Colors: black - beige

Washing Instructions: Hand wash, cold water

Country of Origin: France

product details /

Number of product pieces: one piece

Description of the size of the pieces _ length and width: Half-cup style bra, designed with light padding, with iron, movable, adjustable straps

Description of the product color tone: classic colors

Description of the material and tensile strength: Elastic fabric 75% nylon, with medium tensile strength, an ideal choice for daily use

The change that the product makes on the chest: a tightening force concentrated on the abdomen and back area, supported by supports to ensure you smooth curves for a distinctive waist, the pulling force helps to raise the chest to give a more feminine look

The additions that distinguish it from other products: It is characterized by high quality

The number of tools used for closing: The closing tool used: It closes from the back with 6 hooks

Decorated with a fenke design

82.62 USD
One comment

ساره غ

1 year ago

السلام عليكم . انا صدري ثقيل شويه البس مقاس 38 D هل المشد قوي ومضمون ويشد ويرفع



1 year ago

وعليكم السلام
الافضل أخذ المقاس الاكبر وهو D40 لتغطيه افضل للصدر

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