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For a feminine look

Maison Lejaby G51533

129.33 USD

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Shine with your looks


product data /

The name of the producing company: LEJABY

Product type: functional bra

Type of use: practical

Sizes: D42- D40- D38-D36- D34- C42- C40- C38- C36

Colors: black - sugar - flesh - navy

Washing Instructions: Cold Wash - Reuse the dryer

Country of Origin: France

product details /

Number of product pieces: 1 piece

An accurate description of the cup: a bodice in a full-size style, designed with an iron that helps to raise the chest for a more feminine look, with lace inserts in an elegant and more feminine style, designed with slight stitching to reduce the appearance of the breast.

Description of suspenders: fixed and adjustable suspenders

Description of the size of the pieces: Length and width vary according to size

Color Description: Classic colors

Material Description: A soft, flexible fabric

The change that the product makes on the chest: helps to lift the chest with comfortable support for a more feminine appearance.

The additions that distinguish it from other products: It is characterized by high quality

The number of tools used for closing: The closing tool used: It closes from the back with hooks

129.33 USD
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