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53.46 USD 59.40 USD

Your comfort is floral


Product Data (Basic Product Data)

The name of the producing company: GLAMORISE

Product type: women's bra

Type of use: daily use

Sizes : E52-E50-E48-E46- E44- E42- E40- E38- E36-D52-D50-D48- D46- D44- D42- D40- D38- D36-C52-C50-C48-C46- C44-C42- C40 -C38- C36 -B50-B48- B46 -B44- B42- B40- B38-B36

Colors: white - black - pink - beige

Washing Instructions: Hand wash - Do not use dryer - Use cold water

Country of Origin: American company

Product details

Number of product pieces: one piece

An accurate description of the cup: a full cup, designed to cover the entire chest, without iron

Description of the suspenders: a wide suspender for full shoulder support, adjustable

Description of the size of the pieces: The size of the piece is wide from the back to cover more

Color Description: Modern colors

Material Description: polyester fabric

The change that the product makes on the body: the design helps to tighten and lift the chest for a more feminine appearance

The design features lace inserts at the top

Closing tool back: adjustable hooks

Added a touch of Fenke design in the middle

53.46 USD 59.40 USD
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