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For your elegance in Ramadan

EVA B.BITZER 836/31704SE

Silk Galabia (Yellow Tree)

485.73 USD

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A captivating design that takes you on a tour.. where you can enjoy the summer under the palm trees with this set from Evapipetzer. A sophisticated design with distinctive prints that makes you feel like you are on a tropical island

Product data (product basic data)

  • Producing company name : FURSTENBERG EVA B BITZER
  • Product type: silk galabiya.
  • Fabric type: natural silk.
  • Sizes: M:2XL.
  • Colours: yellow.
  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash, cold water.
  • Country of Origin: Germany.

Product details

  • Number of product pieces: one piece.
  • Description of the size of the pieces length and width: long galabiya, long sleeve.
  • Color Description: Woody, soft colors
  • Material Description: Fine silk.
  • The change that the product makes on the body: loose.
  • Gouda silk.
  • Removable back strap.

485.73 USD
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