Controlbody 110417 Belly Corset

Attractive waist belt corset

34.29 USD 30.86 USD

Designed for your comfort

Product Data (Basic Product Data)

Producing company name: CONTROL BODY

Product type: belt corset

Tensile strength: medium tensile

Sizes: SML

Colours: black - fleshy

Washing Instructions: Hand wash - use cold water - do not use the dryer

Country of Origin: Italy

Product details

Number of product pieces: 1 piece

Description of cutting size: Length and width: Designed to tighten the lower abdomen

Description of the product color tone: modern colors

Description of the material and tensile strength: Elastic fabric with medium tensile strength for greater comfort, an ideal choice for everyday use

The change that the product makes on the body: it helps tighten the abdominal area and provides you with smooth curves for a distinctive waist.

The additions that distinguish it from other products: supported, which guarantees you feminine details

Adjustable hooks

Sold Out 30 Time وتم تقييمه
  • 34.29 USD 30.86 USD
غالية المطيري 4 weeks ago
متى تبان النتيجه من لما ابدا استخدمه ؟
AlrayesLingerie 4 weeks ago
أهلًا وسهلًا بكم عميلنا العزيز، جميع منتجات الشد لدينا يكون أثناء إرتداء المنتج فقط .
هيله العدير 1 year ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
رائع وسرعه في التوصيل
زائر 2 years ago
هل في لمشد اسيام
AlrayesLingerie 2 years ago
عزيزي الزائر نعم يوجد اعمده لدعم الظهر واعطائه استقامه

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