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Control Body 810152 Full Corset

Dress style daily corset

35.64 USD 32.08 USD

Add touches of femininity to your day

Product Data (Basic Product Data)

Producing company name: CONTROL BODY

Product type: full skirt corset

Tensile strength: medium tensile

Sizes: SML

Colors: fleshy

Washing Instructions: Hand wash - use cold water - do not use the dryer

Country of Origin: Italy

Product details

Number of product pieces: 1 piece

Description of the cut size: Length and width: Daily corset, length 30 inches, reaches mid-thigh.

Description of the product color tone: modern colors

Description of material and tensile strength: Elastic fabric with medium tensile strength for long-lasting comfort

The change that the product makes on the body: tightening and arranging the body under dresses

The additions that distinguish it from other products: It is characterized by high quality, and the presence of a hole in the chest area for wearing the appropriate bra

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  • 35.64 USD 32.08 USD
زائر 1 year ago
كيف شكله من الظهر ؟
AlrayesLingerie 1 year ago
عزيزي الزائر شكله القطعه من الخلف نفس الامام
زائر 1 year ago
هل فيه مقاس اكبر من L؟
AlrayesLingerie 1 year ago
عزيزي الزائر اكبر مقاس لارج يوجد مقاس اكبر من شركه كيوبيد
زائر 1 year ago
اذا بطلبه اليوم انا بالدمام متى يوصل مناسبتي الاربعاء؟
AlrayesLingerie 1 year ago
عزيزي الزائر الطلب من 3 الى 5 ايام عمل القطعه متوفره لدى فرع مارينا الدمام

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