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Chantelle Soft Stretch 16A1

70.20 USD

For a comfortable working day


product data /

The name of the producing company: Chantelle Soft Stretch

Product type: daily bra

Type of use: daily use

Sizes: PM-XL

Colours: beige burgundy

Washing instructions: Use cold water - Hand wash - Do not use the dryer

Country of Origin: France

product details /

Number of product pieces: Consists of one piece

An accurate description of the cup: a full cup without iron, with a light sponge filling

Description of bras: a fixed, wide bra for more comfort

Description of the cut size: V-shaped bodice, belt under the bra

Color Description: Classic color

Material Description: Made of high elasticity jersey fabric, for greater comfort and flexibility all day long, full coverage.

The change that the product makes on the chest: The fabric is characterized by adapting to the shape of the body to help arrange the body

The additions that distinguish it from other products: the fabric of the fabric does not contain seams, that is, it does not contain clear edges or clear knitting.

Our expert tip: Fit behind your work clothes

70.20 USD
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