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98.01 USD

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Soft as a cool breeze

Product Data (Basic Product Data)

The name of the producing company: CHANTELE

Product type: women's bra

Type of use: evening

Sizes: E40- E38 -E36- E34- D40- D38-D36-D34- D32-C40- C38- C36- C34-C32- B40- B38- B36- B34-B32

Colors: black - flesh

Washing instructions: normal wash, cold water

Country of Origin: France

Product details

Number of product pieces: 1 piece

Detailed description of the cup: a half cup, from the inside lined with a light filling

Description of the suspenders: Variable and adjustable suspenders, according to the size of the cup, the width of the suspenders being wide, as they are thin suspenders in cup A, B, and C, and wide suspenders in the rest of the sizes.

Description of the size of the pieces: the width and thinness from the back varies according to the size of the cup.

Color Description: Classic.

Material Description: Soft touch, flexible

The change that the product makes on the body: it works to tighten the chest and lift it in a distinctive feminine way

raw quality

Closing tool from the back a number of hooks, the number varies according to the size of the cup "2-3"

Aesthetically small bow, a silicone strip on the wings of the bras to help stabilize the bra while wearing it

98.01 USD
Two comments

Walaa Mm

7 months ago

هذه تصغر ولا يعني زي شانتيه العاديه ولا مقاس 36c



7 months ago

عزيزي العميل
الصدريه لشد ورفع الصدر للسهرات واعطاء الصدر الحجم الطبيعي


انوار العصيمي

1 year ago

جدا ممتاز

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