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product data /

Producing company name: BRAMODE

Product type: functional bra

Type of use: daily

Sizes : D44 -D42 -D40 -D38- D36- D34- C44 -C42- C40 -C38- C36- C34- B44 -B42- B40- B38 -B36- B34

Colors: white - black - leggings

Washing instructions: normal wash, cold water

Country of Origin: Portugal

product details /

Number of product pieces: 1 piece

Detailed description of the cup: a full-size bodice, designed without iron, without padding, with luxurious lace inserts

Description of suspenders: fixed suspenders, adjustable

Description of the cutting size: Designed in a suitable size for the piece, reinforced with supports on the sides to provide you with stability and comfort

Color Description: Classic colors

Description of the material: 65% of soft polyester, 29% of polyester for greater comfort

The change that the product makes on the body: it helps tighten and lift the breasts for a radiant appearance, does not increase the size of the breasts, and guarantees you a more feminine appearance and more prominence.

It is of high quality

Closing tool used: Closes from the back with two hooks

Decorated with the design of the finke

Our experts' advice: Ideal for everyday use - provides you with a high degree of comfort.

52.65 USD
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