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ANNETTE 11034BK1 Full Corset

High tensile technical evening corset

198.99 USD 179.09 USD

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Product Data (Basic Product Data)

Producing company name: ANNETTE

Product Type: Full Corset Evening Shorts

Tensile strength: very high

Sizes: C40- C38- C36- C34- B42- B38- B36- B34

Colours: black - fleshy

Washing Instructions: Hand wash, cold water

Country of Origin: Colombia

Product details

Number of product pieces: 1 piece

Description of the cut size: Length and width: a full corset with a half cup bodice, supported by an iron, adjustable suspenders, side and front supports, supported from the back by rubber, a thin fabric on the buttocks area

Product color tone description: classic colors

Description of the material and tensile strength: Fabric of 82% nylon, characterized by very high tensile strength

The change that the product makes on the body: Helps to lift the chest, designed with double tensile strength for the abdomen and back area, provides you with smooth curves for a distinctive waist, supported from the back as it guarantees you feminine details, tensile strength that gives you an ideal body

Additions that distinguish it from other products: It is of high quality

Closure tool: zipper, hooks from the front and from the bottom, number three

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  • 198.99 USD 179.09 USD
ساره الشمري 1 year ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
بودي كونتور بدون عمليه يجنن وانصح فيه بقوة
زائر 2 years ago
مقاسي L كيف اعرفه بالارقام
AlrayesLingerie 2 years ago
عزيزي الزائر بخصوص هذا المشد يوخذ بقياس السنتيان وقياس محيط البطن واكبر منطقه ويوجد جدوال في الانستغرام يخص شركه انيتا
زائر 2 years ago
هل يخفي الخفسة
AlrayesLingerie 2 years ago
عزيزي الزائر المشد يشد ويخصر الجسم مشد الخاص بلخفسه شورت اخر مع اضافه حشوه جانبيه

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