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For low intensity exercises

Control Body 110590N

Comfortable sports bikini

20.79 USD

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Product Data (Basic Product Data)

Producing company name: CONTROL BODY

Product type: bra

Type of use : daily use

Sizes: SML-XL-2XL

Colors: fleshy

Washing Instructions: Hand wash - Do not use the dryer - Use cold water

Country of Origin: Italy

Product details

Number of product pieces: 1 piece

Accurate description of the cup: a cup suitable for the size of the chest

Description of the suspenders: Wide suspenders designed to comfort the shoulders, an ideal choice for everyday use

Description of cutting size: suitable for body size

Color Description: Fashionable Colors

Material Description: Elastic fabric ensures comfort, suitable for daily use

The change that the product makes on the chest: a tensile force that helps to arrange and tighten the body

The additions that distinguish it from other products: an ideal choice for times of exercise

20.79 USD
One comment

نوره فهد

1 year ago

معليش قماش الستيان راائع بس لسى مابعد جربته في الكرف والغسيل



1 year ago

استمرار القطعه يعتمد على غسلها بطريقه السليمة

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