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Distinctive feminine design

CHANTELLE 1381-1010

Triple story style design

110.70 USD

Triple story style design

Your elegance..and your comfort all day long

Product Data (Basic Product Data)

The name of the producing company: CHANTELE

Product type: women's bra

Type of use: practical daily use

Sizes: E44- E42 -E40 -E38 -E36 -E34- D44- D42- D40- D38- D36- D34- C44- C42-C40-F32-F34-F38-F40-G32-G34-G36-G38-G40- H34-H36-- C38- C36- C34 -B40- B38- B36- B34

Colors: floral

Washing instructions: normal wash, cold water

Country of Origin: France

Product details

Number of product pieces: 1 piece

An accurate description of the cup: a full cup with an iron - a design with a triangular cut style to reduce the shape of the chest

Filling type: none

Description of the suspenders: a thin fixed bra - adjustable

Description of the cut size: Size suitable for the size of the chest

Color Description: Classic colors.

Material Description: 86% POLYAMIDE - Lightweight fabric.

The change that the product makes on the body: Covering the entire chest - a design that helps to tighten and lift the chest and give a distinctive feminine shape

Adjustable back hooks

The front is decorated with a bow

110.70 USD
One comment

رحاب ابراهيم

4 weeks ago

لو سمحت كيف التواصل معكم؟



4 weeks ago

أهلًا وسهلًا بكم عميلنا العزيز ، نسعد بتواصلكم عن طريق الإتصال بالرقم التالي:
‭9200 00740‬ التحويله 205..
و المحادثات الفوريه في الموقع ..
والواتساب : ‭053 548 0007‬
والخاص في الانستقرام.

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