Exchange and Return Policy

Exchange and Return Policy

Dear customer, we offer you the utmost flexibility with the free return and exchange service from our online store. All you have to do is follow the following instructions:

Terms of exchange and return:

1- Replace or return the product within 7 days of receiving your order.

2- The product must be unused.

3- The product should be in its original condition when you received it.

4- The tag or stickers on the purchased item have not been removed.

5- The product must be in the original packaging with all its contents and accessories.

6- Providing the receipt or proof of purchase for the product.

Non-refundable and non-refundable products:

1- Braces (all braces that are worn under the body).

2- Undergarments (kilts), sling links, and transparent belts.

3- Used, damaged, soiled products.

4- The product is not in its original condition when you received it.

5- The tag or stickers on the purchased item have been removed.

6- That the product is not in its original packaging or without its accessories.

7- Failure to provide the receipt or proof of purchase for the product.

8- The expiry of the replacement or return period. You are not entitled to request a replacement or return of the product permanently.

Return and exchange method:

1- You have the right to replace the product with another identical product at the same or higher price, within 7 days.

2- Email us at Indicating the product or products you wish to exchange or return and the reason for the exchange and return.

3- Calculating all shipping charges on the customer for any replaced or returned product, unless the reason for replacement or return is the product received

(damaged, defective, counterfeit, or not the product you ordered).

Cancellation of the request:

1- The customer can cancel his order in the event that the product has not been shipped, by communicating through our website

E-mail After confirming the shipment status of the product.

2- If the customer requests to cancel the order after shipment, the purchase amount will be returned after calculating the shipping value and deducting it from the original amount paid.

3- In the event that we reject the replacement request or return it after our specialized team confirms that it does not meet our replacement conditions and after this is clarified to the customer, the product is shipped back to the customer with the customer bearing all shipping fees for the product.

4- In the event the customer refuses to receive the product whose replacement or return request has been refused, we have the right to cancel the order and dispose of the product after 7 days from the date of the customer’s refusal to receive it without any liability to us, including for example destroying it or selling it to another party.

In cases where the customer bears the shipping costs:

1- The customer's failure to provide us with the information required to deliver the products to him.

2- If the delivery address given by the customer is wrong.

3- If the contact information is wrong.

4- Not being able to reach the customer according to the shipping and delivery policy.

Return of the amounts paid to the customer:

1- Requests paid by credit cards or bank transfer, and the customer's desire to recover the amounts owed to him

This will be done by bank transfer or to a credit card account, and this will be within thirty (30) days from the date of arrival of the returned shipment to our warehouse.

2- When the customer requests to return products (according to the applicable conditions in this regard), he can request to return the amounts in the form of purchase vouchers that give a discount on his purchases from our site at a value equal to the value of the products that have been approved for return.

3- The customer requests the return of products purchased with purchase vouchers, he can only request the return of the amounts due to him in the form of new purchase vouchers.

4- Approval can only be made after we receive the returned product and after we check the product.

5- An email is sent to the customer with the purchase voucher code corresponding to the amount due to him.

The value of the replacement and return shipping cost within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

Return and exchange for free through Aramex (including pickup and delivery).

Shipping time within 15-25 working days.

The value of the replacement and return shipping cost for the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Arab countries:

Return and exchange for free via Aramex, (including pickup and delivery), according to our exchange and return policy.

Shipping time within 15-25 working days.

Your satisfaction is our goal..